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For many patients seen in safety-net family planning settings, their Title X-funded providers are considered critical access points to the larger health care system. By following and responding to the evolving health care landscape, health centers can position their programs for future success and prepare their staff to respond to the unique needs of their patients in an evidence-based manner.


NFPRHA provides the tools and guidance to help health centers adapt to current health care trends and public health crises. NFPRHA is dedicated to connecting the publicly funded family planning provider network to best practices in patient care and program administration including the promotion of effective prevention, screening, and intervention services for vulnerable populations.

The following resources are designed to help health centers identify important considerations for developing a data-driven needs assessment and pertinent information in the field of public health.


  • Crafting Your Best Needs Assessment Guide: The needs assessment of a funding proposal offers applicants a unique opportunity to demonstrate need and a deeper understanding of issues and gaps. This resource outlines strategies for crafting a thoughtful, data-driven needs assessment that is responsive to a Funding Opportunity Announcement’s (FOA) scoring criteria.

  • Resource Guide: Opioids The national opioid crisis caused by the increasing use of prescription and non-prescription opioids has had and continues to have devastating consequences on public health. This resource guide features tools and information on safely prescribing opioids and identifying and treating patients with opioid use disorders so that family planning organizations are prepared to connect patients to care.

  • Resource Guide: Human Trafficking Health care providers are in a unique position to identify and respond to potential victims of human trafficking in their health centers. This resource guide is a compilation of information on support networks for victims, staff training, and guidance for refining or developing protocols so that staff are prepared to support victims of human trafficking who seek medical care at their health center.

  • Resource Guide: Adoption Title X requires that providers offer unbiased and accurate information to expectant patients on pregnancy options. This resource guide includes links to trainings and additional information about adoption so that all service providers can speak knowledgeably about adoption to patients.

For additional resources & information, access NFPRHA fact sheets and federal comments by issue or read NFPRHA's publications and recent press statements.


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