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NFPRHA represents the broad spectrum of family planning administrators and clinicians serving the nation's low-income and uninsured women and men. NFPRHA's core members are federally funded family planning organizations serving those without access to care. 

The first step in joining the association is to request a membership application from NFFPRHA. This request can be made by submitting you (and your organization’s) information through our membership request form below. The NFPRHA membership staff will send you the application form based on the membership level you indicate below.

Organizations and individuals seeking membership with NFPRHA will be required to adhere to screening criteria established by NFPRHA’s Board. The Board reserves the right to alter the criteria subject to its bylaws and DC law. All applications and membership renewals are reviewed by the association’s Membership Committee. Upon review of the information included in this membership application, NFPRHA may request additional documentation. NFPRHA reserves the right to deny or not act on applications.

Questions? Contact Amanda Kimber, Senior Director, Membership & AMS, at

Applications are reviewed quarterly.
Deadlines for review are: 

May 18, 2023

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Why Join NFPRHA?

As the leading advocate for low-income access to family planning care, NFPRHA's work helps you improve service delivery and access today and in the future. 




NFPRHA works with members every day to ensure the provision of high-quality, evidence-based, and cost-effective comprehensive family planning care. 





Membership gives access to the broadest spectrum of family planning service delivery best-practices and policy knowledge from NFPRHA staff and members alike.



Grow the power of your individual family planning organization by joining your voice to the network.


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