Quality Measurements

A cornerstone of modern service delivery is having in place appropriate quality measures that track health care outcomes as a means to improve public health and accountability. As the health care economy moves away from a fee-for-service model, developing adequate quality measures for family planning and sexual health services will be increasingly important.


NFPRHA focuses on quality improvement and measurement in an effort to promote greater recognition about the important role of family planning and its necessity in the health care delivery system. NFPRHA has been working with accrediting agencies on policies to publicly measure and validate family planning and, specifically, contraceptive services.


NFPRHA Publications

  • Patient Experience with Telehealth Services and Health Education (PDF) – A literature review to better understanding of how the use of telehealth technology impacts patient experience. This resource also explores strategies for improving patient experience with care when health services and health education are delivered using telehealth.

  • Performance Measures for Contraceptive Care (PDF) - Provides tools health care providers can utilize to assess current performance, identify areas for improvement, and monitor progress for contraceptive care, to increase access to and use of most and moderately effective methods across a range of settings (June 2018).

  • Improving Sustainability through a Positive Patient Experience (PDF) - Demonstrates how patient experience data can be collected and utilized to inform quality improvements and sustainability strategies (October 2014).
  • Quality Measures and Family Planning (PDF) - NFPRHA staff-authored article on how family planning providers can use quality measures to improve outcomes (Summer 2012).

Other Resources

  • Agency Self-Assessment (PDF) – An assessment tool created by the Family Planning National Training Centers to determine the extent to which your agency provides high-quality care.

  • Patient Experience Improvement Toolkit (PDF) – The Family Planning National Training Centers developed this toolkit that offers practical advice to help family planning health centers improve the patient experience and increase patient retention with consideration given to service site limitations in staff, time, and funds (February 2014).

  • Family Planning Councils of America (HTML) - Information on family planning-orientated performance management systems.  

Other Presentations

  • Key Performance Indicators for Revenue Cycle Management (PowerPoint) - This presentation reviewed the key performance indicators (KPI) of a health care provider’s revenue cycle (January 2015).

  • Measuring Patient Experience to Attract & Retain Patients (PDF) – This presentation explores strategies to measure patient experience (October 2014). 

  • Quality Measurement & Improvement (PDF) - This presentation provides an overview of ongoing efforts to advance nationally recognized measures for the field, including a contraceptive quality measure (April 2014). 

  • Trends in Health Care (PDF) - This presentation previewed emerging trends in the health care economy and discuss how publicly funded family planning providers can most effectively adapt (April 2014).

For additional resources & information, access NFPRHA fact sheets and federal comments by issue or read NFPRHA's publications and recent press statements.

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