Public Health Programs

Publicly funded family planning is one of many cornerstones in the larger public health safety-net system that has been built up to serve poor and low-income women and men. In addition to Title X, several other discretionary federal funding programs support publicly funded family planning centers’ ability to provide additional STD prevention, testing, and treatment; nutritional services and support; and pre- and post-natal care, including supplementary family planning services. 

In recent years, federal funding has also been designated to support sexual health education – both evidence-based, comprehensive and medically accurate programs, as well as abstinence-only education, a subject of continued debate.


Recognizing the importance of a strong and robust safety-net system, NFPRHA advocates for sustained and increased funding for the various public health programs that support its members’ operations. Working in coalition with national partners, NFPRHA supports funding increases and improvements for these programs with Congress, federal regulators, and other key stakeholders.


 NFPRHA's Position

Other Public Health Programs

NFPRHA advocates for funding and strategic prioities in a wide range of federal programs which together provide access to affordable, confidential, high-quality public health programs and services.

For additional resources & information, access NFPRHA fact sheets and federal comments by issue or read NFPRHA's publications.

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