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NFPRHA represents the broad spectrum of family planning administrators and clinicians serving the safety-net nationwide. The majority of NFPRHA's members are publicly-funded family planning health centers and systems.

NFPRHA has begun a periodic review of its membership policies and structure, a requirement of the association’s bylaws. During this review, taking place from July 1 through December 31, 2018, NFPRHA’s Board of Directors has placed a freeze on accepting new membership applications. The NFPRHA Board establishes task forces annually, and the Membership Task Force first convened in November 2017 to conduct this review.

If you are intested in joining NFPRHA, please check back in January 2019. Questions? Contact Olivia Harrison, Director, Membership, at

Why Join NFPRHA?

As the leading advocate for low-income access to family planning care, NFPRHA's work helps you improve service delivery and access today and in the future. 




NFPRHA works on the broad spectrum of family planning service delivery and funding issues, focusing on advocacy so you can concentrate on leading programs or providing critical family planning services.




NFPRHA partners with its members, responding to thier needs and relying on their diverse experiences to better understand and reconcile the complexities in the field.



NFPRHA increases the power of individual family planning organizations by uniting them in collective action.


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