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NFPRHA is a national leader on the effort to ensure federal policymakers recognize the important of access to family planning care, a critical primary and preventive health service, for all.

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September 21, 2017
Protecting Family Planning Access Should Be a Shared Priority
Morning Consult

September 19, 2017
Reproductive Health-Care Fights Roil Washington

September 15, 2017
Trump Administration Moves Cheer Abortion Foes
The Wall Street Journal

September 12, 2017
House Budget Filled with Reproductive Health Restrictions
Women's Media Center

July 14, 2017
House GOP: Eliminate Family Planning Services for Low-Income Families

April 13, 2017
House Overturns Rule Protecting Planned Parenthood
NBC Washington

April 9, 2017
Which States Get More Title X Funding For Planned Parenthood? It's Complicated

April 3, 2017
What can the country learn from NJ Planned Parenthood cuts?
Asbury Park Press

March 17, 2017
Trump’s ‘Cruel’ Budget Eviscerates Resources for Vulnerable People

March 8, 2017
Better Birth Control Access Could Drop Abortion Rate 67%, Save $12 Billion
Yahoo News

March 6, 2017
Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Jeopardize Women's Health
The Intercept

February 17, 2017
Disapproval of Obama protections sparks fight over Planned Parenthood funding
Modern Healthcare

February 10, 2017
Sen. Joni Ernst Puts Planned Parenthood - and Access to Birth Control - On the Chopping Block
The Intercept

January 12, 2017
Cutting Planned Parenthood funding will be a devastating blow to vulnerable Americans

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