The Title X family planning program guarantees access to confidential family planning services for the millions of individuals it serves every year. Increasingly, patients seen in Title X-funded settings are gaining health insurance coverage through Medicaid or commercial health plans, at the same time that insurance coverage for contraceptive services has expanded. An increase in insured patients presents an opportunity for publicly funded family planning providers to access new revenue streams for previously uncompensated care, but also poses challenges for providers seeking to maintain Title X’s strong patient confidentiality protections while maximizing reimbursement from third-party payers for services and supplies provided in Title X settings.


NFPRHA has undertaken a multi-year, federally funded research project, Confidential & Covered, to help Title X providers offer care that is confidential and receive payment that does not breach privacy. Find resources and learn more about NFPRHA's research about confidentiality and Title X at


NFPRHA Factsheets and Reports

 NFPRHA's Position


NFPRHA supports policies that fully take into account the proliferation of technology in health care, insurance communication and medical record-keeping when seeking to ensure access to confidential services, protect interactions between patient and provider, and help patients feel comfortable using their coverage. NFPRHA supports maintaining state and federal protections regarding confidentiality of minors.

Happening Now

  • "Protecting Patients’ Privacy in Health Insurance Billing & Claims" state profiles.
  • Massachusetts: A coalition of organizations has formed the PATCH Alliance to address access to confidential care. 
  • Illinois: Passed a law to protect confidentiality for individuals enrolled in Medicaid Managed Care.
  • Oregon: Passed a law to protect confidentiality for individuals enrolled as dependents. 

NFPRHA Comments

Other Resources

  • Title X Guidelines (HTML) - Title X regulatory guidelines detailing confidentiality requirements for the program.

For additional resources & information, access NFPRHA fact sheets and federal comments by issue or read NFPRHA's publications and recent press statements.


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