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The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program provides nutritional support to low-income pregnant women or women with children under 5 years of age through food packages, health education, and referrals to health and social services. The program is administered through grants distributed by state WIC agencies. A very successful federal public health program, WIC has improved birth outcomes, reduced health care costs, improved nutrition-related health outcomes, increased access to medical care, and improved preconception nutritional status.


The WIC program complements the Title X program and the efforts of the publicly funded safety net to ensure access to health services for low-income women and families. Some NFPRHA members provide WIC services in their health centers. NFPRHA supports the WIC program’s successes in providing nutritional assistance to many of these low-income women and their families.

FY 2015 WIC Program Funding Chart (in millions)

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FY 2016 Enacted

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FY 2016
Senate Agricultural Committee

FY 2016
Senate Agricultural Committee








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