Publicly funded family planning providers, along with much of the health care sector, are rapidly expanding the use of telehealth to deliver family planning and sexual health care. Telehealth offers a wide array of potential benefits to providers and patients and also presents some unique challenges for ensuring equitable access to care, particularly for the most vulnerable patients. Common telehealth delivery modalities for family planning providers include direct-to-patient and from health center-to-health center.


NFPRHA supports its members in developing and implementing telehealth service delivery with resources related to coding, patient and provider experience, implementation considerations, and more. NFPRHA also facilitates information sharing among members to share experiences, challenges, and strategies related to telehealth.

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This module expands upon the concepts addressed in NFPRHA’s Coding and Billing for Telehealth Services guide.

Eight sample workflows outline processes for providing family planing care in a telehealth visit.

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