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Outreach & Enrollment Materials

The following Affordable Care Act (ACA) patient education materials have been developed using focus-group-tested messages that are geared for use in family planning health centers. Materials have been developed as part of NFPRHA’s Get Covered: Family Planning project and are free to publicly funded family planning providers. They are available in English and Spanish. Materials have been updated for the 2016 open enrollment period and include information specific to the special enrollment period.

The materials below are for in-house printing.

*UPDATED* Enrollment in a Box Toolkit


The Enrollment in a Box toolkit is a go-to resource that provides essential information and materials that can help educate your staff and patients about the basics of ACA enrollment on any budget. Available as a downloadable PDF copy to NFPRHA members only.

 Patient Education Materials (Available in English & Spanish) 


Medicaid Brochure  

This tri-fold brochure provides basic information about Medicaid eligibility and the importance of coverage. Designed for use with Medicaid buckslip.



Basic ACA information Tri-Fold Brochure  

Provide your patients with simple, straightforward information about what “Obamacare” means for them.



Essential Health Benefits Buckslip  

Educate patients about the essential health benefits that must be covered by every insurance plan offered in the marketplace.

English - Male
English - Female
Spanish - Male
Spanish - Female


Women’s Unique Needs postcard  

This postcard will help women consider their unique health care needs when signing up for health insurance.



Insurance enrollment checklist envelope  

Printed with a checklist of information patients need to provide to be enrolled in health insurance, this Number 10 envelope can be used as an education tool or as an appointment reminder card for patients who have been scheduled for a follow-up appointment to talk about enrollment.



Patient Follow-up card

Collect contact information from patients interested in learning more about the ACA using this follow-up card.



Front Desk Staff Script Card   

Equip your staff to talk with patients about health insurance enrollment using the carefully crafted and tested messages on this handy script card.



Health Care Law Information Poster

This poster directs patients to to find out what the new health care law means for them. Space is available for personalizing your own or coalition enrollment events. 

English - 8 ½” x 11”
Spanish - 8 ½” x 11”
English 11” x 17”
Spanish 11” x 17”


Special Enrollment & Medicaid Buckslip

This flyer provides basic information for Medicaid and Special Enrollment eligibility.

Spanish Account Info Card

For new users: wallet-size cards to keep key account info, including user ID, password and the enrollment assister's name. Orders limited to 250 per facility.



State Exchange Account Info Card

For new state exchange account holders: wallet-size cards to keep key account info, including state exchange website URL or phone number, user ID, password and the enrollment assister's name. Orders limited to 250 per facility.


Get Covered Stickers

Print using Avery 5160 mailing labels. Make sure the page size in the print setting is set to print at "actual size" with no page scaling.

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