Telehealth has become an increasingly important tool to deliver health care and information during the COVID-19 pandemic, and NFPRHA has created a suite of resources to assist providers with their implementation and expansion of telehealth services, tailored for family planning and sexual health care.

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Provider Perspectives on Telehealth and Patient-Centered Family Planning Care

This video features real family planning providers discussing why telehealth is important, the ways in which telehealth could strengthen the patient-provider relationship, how it supports patient-centered contraceptive care, and practical tips and strategies for successful delivery of telehealth contraceptive care. It also offers advice for ensuring patient confidentiality, connecting with patients in audio-only visits, and provides ideas for adapting patient education to virtual visits.

Tips for Providing Patient-Centered Contraceptive Care Using Telehealth: Four Case Studies

In these four mock telehealth visits real clinicians and patient actors demonstrate strategies for adapting patient-centered contraceptive care to telehealth delivery. Each vignette provides examples of skills providers can use to create an environment of safety and confidentiality for the patient, build rapport, and support patient autonomy in the context of telehealth contraceptive care visits. This video aims to show you how to make a telehealth visit seem as personal and patient-centered as an in-person visit.

Please use this video discussion guide to facilitate group discussion or self-paced learning with the above video, Tips for Providing Patient-Centered Contraceptive Care Using Telehealth: Four Case Studies.

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