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 Nominee Tracker
  • Nominee: Rep. Tom Price
    Position: Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
    Things to know: Rep. Price is an orthopedic surgeon and current member of the House of Representatives. He is a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act and supports defunding Planned Parenthood and other family planning providers that provide abortion care. 
    Status: Rep. Price was confirmed on February 10 by a vote of 52-47. 

  • Nominee: Seema Verma
    Position: Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
    Things to know: Verma is a health care consultant who worked closely on several alternative Medicaid expansion programs, including in Indiana and Kentucky. NFPRHA has concerns about the plans due to the concessions they sought from CMS in beneficiary rights, cost sharing, and coverage.
  • Status: Ms. Verma’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled for February 16. 

  • Appointee: Katy Talento
    Position: Advisor on health care policy to the Domestic Policy Council 
    Things to know: Ms. Talento is the legislative director for Sen. Thom Tillis and has a background in epidemiology. She gained renown in 2015 after publishing an article claiming that birth control causes miscarriages and that taking birth control long-term makes it harder to get pregnant in the future. 
    Status: In position.

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