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For more than 40 years, the Title X (ten) family planning program has served as the nation’s only dedicated source of federal funding for family planning. Annually funded by Congress through the discretionary appropriations process, the Title X program supports high-quality, culturally sensitive family planning services and other preventive health care for low-income, under-insured and uninsured individuals who may otherwise lack access to health care.


As the lead national advocacy organization for the Title X family planning program, NFPRHA spearheads efforts to promote resources and support for the program on Capitol Hill, with federal agencies, and in national coalitions. NFPRHA works to bolster support for expanded funding opportunities for Title X and develops strategies to reinforce the importance of the publicly funded family planning network and its integral role as a part of the public health safety net. Click here for the latest key facts and statistics about the Title X program.


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Title X

NFPRHA believes Title X should be well funded and strengthened to ensure that its diverse network of providers can continue to deliver high-quality, culturally responsive family planning services to the millions of women and men who rely on it.

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  • Contraceptive Needs and Services, 2012 Update (PDF) - Guttmacher Institute report providing state and national data on current status of contraceptive needs and services in the US and the impact these services have had on reducing unintended pregnancy and the cost savings to the public (August 2014).

For additional resources & information, access NFPRHA fact sheets and federal comments by issue or read NFPRHA's publications and recent press statements.




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