NFPRHA Membership Levels

NFPRHA provides a variety of memberships, creating more flexibility for you and your organization to choose the level of membership that works for you. Click on the links below to learn more about NFPRHA's different types of membership.


Federally Funded Family Planning Program Memberships

NFPRHA provides four different levels of membership for our core members, federally funded family planning programs, to allow your organization the flexibility to choose the level of membership that works for you. Federally Funded Family Planning Program Memberships are voting memberships and require an application.

Health System: Annual Dues - $5,000

Extend the benefits of NFPRHA membership to all your community-based provider contract sites with a Health System membership. With access to NFPRHA's membership benefits and voting rights for five staff members at the health system, plus one free registration and unlimited discounted registrations for NFPRHA's national conference, the Health System membership is the best value for organizations with more than six contract provider sites. Health System members can also choose to extend the benefits to board members and interns for a small additional fee.


Organization Premier: Annual Dues - $3,000
An inclusive benefits package, the Organizational Premier membership incorporates all of the indispensable benefits of the Organization Basic membership (including voting rights for three staff members), plus one free national conference registration, unlimited discounted registrations and the opportunity to extend NFPRHA benefits to one provider contract site for free. Organization Premier members can also choose to extend the benefits to board members and interns for a small additional fee.


Organization Basic: Annual Dues - $1,500
NFPRHA's Organization Basic membership includes access to NFPRHA's membership benefits, discounted registration to the national conference and voting rights for three staff members. Organizations can also choose to extend the benefits of NFPRHA membership to board members, interns and provider contract sites for an additional fee.


Organization Limited: Annual Dues - $500
Designed for smaller-budget, stand-alone programs, the Organization Limited makes it possible for your organization to receive critical benefits and representation from NFPRHA by providing membership benefits to one member of your staff. This membership includes one vote in NFPRHA elections.

Individual Family Planning Provider Membership

Clinicians, administrators and other public health professionals working in the family planning field can receive many of the benefits available to Federally Funded Family Planning Programs through a family planning professional membership. This individual level of membership requires a membership application and includes one non-transferable voting right and discounted registration for NFPRHA's national conference.

Family Planning Professional Membership: Annual Dues - $250
If you work in the family planning field but your organization is not a NFPRHA member, you can join at the Family Planning Professional level to receive all the benefits available to core members, including one non-transferable vote in NFPRHA elections.


Family Planning Supporter Memberships

NFPRHA provides two membership levels for family planning allies to support NFPRHA's mission of advancing and elevating the importance of family planning in the nation's health care system and promoting and supporting the work of family planning providers and administrators, especially those in the safety net. Family Planning Supporter Memberships are non-voting memberships.

Family Planning Partner: Annual Dues - $1,000
Organizations that support NFPRHA's mission are able to access many of the benefits of membership through a Family Planning Partner membership. Designed for national advocacy organizations, state-wide family planning coalitions, research institutions and other partners, this membership level provides select benefits and national conference discounts to three staff members at the partnering organization.


Family Planning Advocate: Annual Dues - $100
Individual supporters of increasing access to family planning services and reproductive health care can sustain NFPRHA's work and get legislative updates and analysis as a Family Planning Advocate.


What do we mean by "Federally Funded Family Planning Programs?"
NFPRHA core members provide services using funds from a number of federal programs including, but not limited to: Title X, Medicaid and Medicaid Family Planning Extensions, WIC, Title V MCH, CDC STD Prevention, TANF, Ryan White Act and Title XX.


What benefits are contract provider sites entitled to?
Contract Site benefits will be extended to one staff member in the contract site organization. This is a non-voting class of membership but the membership benefits designee may attend NFPRHA's annual membership meeting at the national conference. The contract site designee receives many of the benefits NFPRHA offers.



Why Join NFPRHA?

As the leading advocate for low-income access to family planning care, NFPRHA's work helps you improve service delivery and access today and in the future. 




NFPRHA works with members every day to ensure the provision of high-quality, evidence-based, and cost-effective comprehensive family planning care. 





Membership gives access to the broadest spectrum of family planning service delivery best-practices and policy knowledge from NFPRHA staff and members alike.



Grow the power of your individual family planning organization by joining your voice to the network.


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