FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 7, 2014
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Supreme Court’s Decision to Hear King v. Burwell Troubling, Says NFPRHA

WASHINGTON, DC – The US Supreme Court announced today that it would hear the appeal in King v. Burwell. The following is a statement from Clare Coleman, President & CEO of National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association. 

“Today’s decision by the US Supreme Court to take up King v. Burwell raises new and troubling questions.

“One of the primary goals of the health reform law was to make care more affordable. It was so important, Congress included it in the name: the Affordable Care Act. The premium subsidies are essential to that affordability, offering a lifeline to millions of women and families who have been able to access high-quality health coverage through the law, many for the first time in their lives. 

“The Court typically hears cases where there is an issue that is ripe for resolution, but with no conflicting decisions by the circuit courts and with cases scheduled in the Tenth and District of Columbia Circuits—the latter set to be heard in a little over a month from now—the fact that the Court would choose to hear the King case now is deeply troubling.

“We are extremely concerned that, with one week before open enrollment begins, today’s decision could have a chilling effect for people signing up for health coverage in the marketplace. It is imperative that all Americans understand that the law remains intact and people should still seek coverage or renew their plans.”


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