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OPA Memo to Title X Grantees Wholly Insufficient

WASHINGTON, DC – “For years, Title X-funded entities have received and relied on detailed guidance from the Office of Population Affairs when regulatory changes are made in the Title X family planning program.

“This rule, which NFPRHA strongly opposes, contains significant changes to longtime program policies, from restrictions on patient care and education to new spending limitations and onerous compliance documentation requirements at every level of service.

“Echoing its customary approach and seemingly recognizing the sweeping changes in the rule, OPA promised grantees this spring that, if and when the administration was free to implement new regulations, further written guidance would be released.

“The memo released on Saturday night – the third such brief communication in less than a week — consists of paraphrased re-statements of language of the rule. It’s just absurd to think that a few bullet points amount to guidance.

“Grantees have asked for the level of information and range of examples they believe they need to ensure that their programs, and every entity funded under their programs, are in sufficient compliance with the rule.

“NFPRHA is concerned that OPA’s failure to provide detailed implementation guidance may be the start of a game of ‘gotcha’ as it assesses compliance with the rule.

“We urge OPA to take the time to properly expand on and better describe how it will interpret aspects of the rule — using examples that reflect the wide range of provider settings and administrative structures present in Title X. Once again, OPA falls far short of linking the rule to day-to-day practice, leaving the entire family planning network in the dark on how they need to operate to stay in the program.”


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