June 3, 2020


From the Board of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association
and its President & CEO Clare Coleman


The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA) supports efforts to eliminate all disparities in the health care system, including those based on race and ethnicity. Structural racism is deeply embedded in US culture. Unconscious or perceived racial biases and discrimination directly and indirectly contribute to the challenges of eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity.


Our members, Board and staff see the consequences of racism on people’s lives and health. We seek to mitigate against racial and ethnic disparities through our work to ensure that all people have access to high-quality, culturally responsive, and affordable care.


Pushed once again beyond endurance by the recent examples of racism and injustice in the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery by vigilantes, Breonna Taylor by Louisville police, and George Floyd at the knee of a Minneapolis member of law enforcement, communities across this nation are showing their pain and fury. Led by Black people and other people of color, their words and actions demonstrate the consequences of institutional racism and injustice. It is essential that they speak. It is essential that they are heard. It is essential that they see a commitment to change.


While we condemn the recent wave of criminal activity bent on destruction of our neighborhoods and destabilization of our country; this behavior should not overshadow the resultant consequences of racism and injustice that led to the protests. It is essential that we all speak up as we cannot tolerate racism. It is an indelible stain on our past. It has no place in our present and no business in our future.


NFPRHA believes in the power of social action to make change. Our organization was founded nearly 50 years ago by volunteers who believed in making access to family planning and sexual health care equitable. Today, NFPRHA members in the family planning safety net remain dedicated to providing poor, low-income, and vulnerable people the high-quality care they need and deserve. Every day, we support people in improving their lives and communities. And, joining with millions, we will continue to speak out on the impact of racism on health equity, acting on our mission and values.


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