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NFPRHA Files Emergency Petition Seeking to Reinstate Injunction Blocking Title X Rule 

WASHINGTON, DC — On behalf of the nationwide network of family planning providers and administrators, the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), filed an emergency petition to the en banc court (eleven judges of the Ninth Circuit) asking the court to reverse last Thursday’s ruling by a three-judge panel that set aside the preliminary injunctions granted by district courts in Washington (NFPRHA’s case), Oregon, and California, which had prevented HHS from implementing the Trump administration’s final Title X rule. Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the American Medical Association, the Washington Attorney General, and others also filed a similar emergency motion. The following is a statement from Clare Coleman, President & CEO of NFPRHA.

“Last night, we took a critical step in our legal efforts to stop the Trump administration from destroying the integrity of the nation’s family planning program, which provides contraceptive and preventive health care to four million low-income people every year.

“At this point, HHS has the greenlight to enforce the rule, which means that all Title X providers will be faced with two bad choices: withhold critical information and limit care to patients or leave the program and be less able or unable to care for poor and low-income people in their community.

“Under the rule, Title X providers will not be allowed to refer patients for abortion care, nor are they obligated to provide medically approved contraceptive methods and services. All providers in the program will be forced to encourage family participation for minors in a health visit, eroding the program’s confidentiality guarantee for patients.

“The Title X rule undermines patients’ trust in their providers and will drive those who may desperately need care away from accessing family planning services. We will not relent in our fight to protect this essential public health program that saves lives and keeps communities strong.”


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