Please Join Us: Griswold v. Connecticut Annual Reception 2024

At NFPRHA’s annual reception, NFPRHA celebrates the important work of its members and their dedication to fulfilling the promise of Griswold v. Connecticut. This landmark decision recognized an individual’s constitutional right to privacy in making family planning and sexual health decisions. NFPRHA honors its members who provide these services to millions of people across the country every day. 

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What is Griswold v. Connecticut?

The US Supreme Court’s 1965 decision invalidated an 1897 Connecticut law that prohibited counseling on and use of contraception. Estelle Griswold, the executive director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut, along with the league’s medical director, Dr. C. Lee Buxton, were convicted of violating the statute by providing contraceptive information to married couples. In overturning their conviction, the Court recognized an individual’s right to privacy in family planning matters, setting the stage for other significant reproductive rights decisions of the past half-century. 

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