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Life After 40: The Family Planning Network and the ACA

The Life After 40 project was developed to help the publicly funded family planning providers that make up NFPRHA’s membership adapt to health care reform related change. First conceived during the 40th anniversary year of the Title X program in 2010, the project gets its name from the question, “after 40 years as the standard-setter in family planning care, how must Title X health centers adapt to continue their critical work in the context of seismic changes initiated under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?”

Even before the ACA was signed into law, publicly funded family planning heath centers experienced significant disruption as economic and political challenges strained budgets, depleted reserves, and tested resilience. The ACA requires health centers to implement a number of operational changes, which are intended to improve health care delivery but in the short term are destabilizing for many publicly funded providers.

While NFPRHA’s work has traditionally been focused on federal policy analysis and advocacy, the field’s need for support in tackling operational ACA-related challenges was clear. NFPRHA received a multi-year funding commitment to support this work and, beginning in 2011, built a program of activities to help publicly-funded providers thrive following the implementation of the ACA. In 2015, NFPRHA transitioned project to launch a core function for service delivery and operational support, known as Health Care Delivery.

The core components of the project included:

  • Case Studies & Workbooks
    Real-life examples, complete with sample tools, of how publicly funded family planning programs and health centers have approached key challenges in health care reform.

  • Revenue Cycle Training
    In-person trainings help publicly funded providers improve practices related to coding and billing third-party payers.

  • Travel Assistance for Regional Meetings & Conferences
    Grant funding supports member travel to NFPRHA’s in-person meetings and conferences, expanding access to sessions on health care reform related-policy and operational change.

  • Online Training
    Training on key health care reform topics and service delivery improvements were provided via webinars and conference calls to further increase access to critical information.

  • Resource Directory
    NFPRHA’s la40resources.org website, launched in 2013, contained ACA-related resources, articles, tools, and sample documents collected from across the family planning network.

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health in the South: Understanding Diverse Investments and Moving Forward under Health Care Reform
    This series of meetings brought together stakeholders in the south to help ensure access to high-quality services and improve health outcomes.

  • Leadership Learning Collaborative
    Five organizations have been selected from a pool of applicants to receive advanced ACA education and leadership training, pilot application for NCQA Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition, and share their learning with the NFPRHA membership.


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